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Ye Zhizhou, Wang Xiaobin, and the other core members were all present. Everyone was obviously looking forward to the new game that they were going to create.

Tengda Games had already decided to make Eternal Reincarnation. It might only be Repent and be Saved’s downloadable content, but anyone who understood the game mechanism would know that it was not just a downloadable content.

It was only slightly smaller in size. In fact, the game mechanism has been greatly improved. It was not a problem to say that it was a sequel to Repent and be Saved.

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Shang Yang Games and Tengda Games had always been competing intensely. Since Tengda Games was going to create an outstanding game, Shang Yang Games must not fall behind!

With Boss Pei around, this would definitely be a classic work. There was no doubt about that.

However, the new project this time was different during the establishment stage.

In the past, Boss Pei had pointed out a few directions to everyone. These directions looked a little blurry but they were all puzzles given by Boss Pei. In fact, Boss Pei had already thought of the ultimate form of this game.

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Everyone just had to follow the clues given by Boss Pei and work hard to restore the complete form of the game in Boss Pei’s mind. Then, the mission would be completed.

However, the situation this time was slightly different. Boss Pei did not seem to have a very definite idea. Instead, he asked everyone to brainstorm and confirm the general direction of this game.

Obviously, this would allow everyone to think more about the game design plan.

Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin were both guessing if it was because Shang Yang Games had already produced many successful games and the entire workspace’s design and production standards had improved. Was that why Boss Pei was consciously asking everyone to advance towards higher difficulties?

Was Boss Pei not trying to reduce Shang Yang Games’ reliance on his own ideas? Was he trying to make Shang Yang Games leave his ideas so that it could continue to produce outstanding works that were universally appreciated?

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That should be the case.