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“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Horikita came down from upstairs a little earlier than the appointed time.

“I didn’t wait very long.”

Since there was no need to stay in the lobby to talk, we walked straight to school.

It was easier to talk outside.

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“Thanks again. Because of your quick-witted speech, I didn’t need to be baptized under the attentive eyes of my classmates for this to end. It left a similar impression in the other classes as well.”

There was almost no direct effect on the other classes, other than making them a bit more alert.

Class A’s Sakayanagi knew about me from before, and Ryuuen had the experience of being beaten down by me, so he would naturally know that I wasn’t only good at math. Ichinose’s words also showed that she felt that I wasn’t ordinary.

“It’s nothing; I just thought that it would be good for the class in the future. If I said that you were the one who took the liberty of holding back, you’d be disliked, wouldn’t you? By the way, what would you have done if I hadn’t been there at the time?”

“Who knows what I would have done.”

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I feigned ignorance, but the result had to be similar.

Saying that it was just another one of Horikita’s strategies to stall, and then waiting for another day to bring a similar topic up. That way, even without explicitly using words to explain it, Horikita should be able to notice it.

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“I’m lending it to you as a favour.”