Is there a online travel guide to make money?

Is there a online travel guide to make money?

At last he made up his mind to think no more of her, - one of thosefine resolutions which are always taken, and never kept; and in theevening he left his room to go and dine in the Rue St. Gilles.

But, as was often his custom, he stopped at the caf next door, andcalled for a drink. He was mixing his absinthe when he saw thecarriage that had carried off Mlle. Lucienne in the morning returningat a rapid gait, and stopping short in front of the hotel. Mlle.

Lucienne got out slowly, crossed the sidewalk, and entered thenarrow corridor. Almost immediately, the carriage turned around,and drove off.

"What does it mean?" thought Maxence, who was actually forgettingto swallow his absinthe.

He was losing himself in absurd conjectures, when, some fifteenminutes later, he saw the girl coming out again. Already she hadtaken off her elegant clothes, and resumed her cheap black dress.

She had a basket on her arm, and was going towards the Rue Chariot.

Without further reflections, Maxence rose suddenly, and started tofollow her, being very careful that she should not see him. Afterwalking for five or six minutes, she entered a shop, half-eatinghouse, and half wine-shop, in the window of which a large signcould be read: "Ordinary at all hours for forty centimes. Hardboiled eggs, and salad of the season."Maxence, having crept up as close as he could, saw Mlle. Luciennetake a tin box out of her basket, and have what is called an"ordinaire" poured into it; that is, half a pint of soup, a pieceof beef as large as the fist, and a few vegetables. She then hada small bottle half-filled with wine, paid, and walked out withthat same look of grave dignity which she always wore.

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"Funny dinner," murmured Maxence, "for a woman who was spreadingherself just now in a ten-thousand-franc carriage."From that moment she became the sole and only object of his thoughts.

A passion, which he no longer attempted to resist, was penetratinglike a subtle poison to the innermost depths of his being. Hethought himself happy, when, after watching for hours, he caught aglimpse of this singular creature, who, after that extraordinaryexpedition, seemed to have resumed her usual mode of life. Mme.

Fortin was dumfounded.

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"She has been too exacting," she said to Maxence, "and the thinghas fallen through."He made no answer. He felt a perfect horror for the honorablelandlady's insinuations; and yet he never ceased to repeat tohimself that he must be a great simpleton to have faith for amoment in that young lady's virtue. What would he not have givento be able to question her? But he dared not. Often he wouldgather up his courage, and wait for her on the stairs; but, assoon as she fixed upon him her great black eye, all the phraseshe had prepared took flight from his brain, his tongue clove tohis mouth, and he could barely succeed in stammering out a timid,"Good-morning, mademoiselle."He felt so angry with himself, that he was almost on the point ofleaving the Hotel des Folies, when one evening:

"Well," said Mme. Fortin to him, "all is made up again, it seems.

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The beautiful carriage called again to-day."Maxence could have beaten her.

"What good would it do you," he replied, "if Lucienne were to turnout badly?""It's always a pleasure," she grumbled, "to have one more woman totorment the men. Those are the girls, you see, who avenge us poorhonest women!"The sequel seemed at first to justify her worst previsions. Threetimes during that week, Mlle. Lucienne rode out in grand style; butas she always returned, and always resumed her eternal black woolendress,"I can't make head or tail of it," thought Maxence. But never mind,I'll clear the matter up yet."He applied, and obtained leave of absence; and from the very nextday he took up a position behind the window of the adjoining caf .

On the first day he lost his time; but on the second day, at aboutthree o'clock, the famous equipage made its appearance; and, a fewmoments later, Mlle. Lucienne took a seat in it. Her toilet wasricher, and more showy still, than the first time. Maxence jumpedinto a cab.

"You see that carriage," he said to the coachman, "Wherever itgoes, you must follow it. I give ten francs extra pay.""All right!" replied the driver, whipping up his horses.

And much need he had, too, of whipping them; for the carriage thatcarried off Mlle. Lucienne started at full trot down the Boulevards,to the Madeleine, then along the Rue Royale, and through the Placede la Concorde, to the Avenue des Champs-E1ysees, where the horseswere brought down to a walk. It was the end of September, and oneof those lovely autumnal days which are a last smile of the bluesky and the last caress of the sun.