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Well, her boobs are not particularly up there.... when next to a huge pair, like the princess’s.... not to mention if you compare it to Sadiz...

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Still, it’s certainly a little irritating.

However, no one among those gathered took up the gentleman’s challenge, seems that woman is very strong.

『Huh... perhaps you should go for the prize...』

The eye of the Great Demon King by my side glowed suspiciously.

[S1] The word used here, 闇営業, has multiple iterations. Wasn’t sure which to use, so I used them all...

[S2] The Japone seems to be a stand in for Japanese. So I decided to keep the titles and honorifics whenever they talk. Let me know if it’s bothersome.

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Translated by: Sads07

A bored woman looking down on the world.

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Well, it’s none of my business, but......


「Hmm. 」

『Accept that little girl’s challenge.』

「...... huh?? 」