Which websites on the Internet can write to make money

Which websites on the Internet can write to make money

He could tell that Boss Pei was determined to make him choose the most difficult theme: the superhero theme of Hurricane Comics Company!

In any case, no matter how hard he tried to find a reason, Boss Pei’s comments would always return to this topic.

However, how should he write this?

Why would someone who wrote online literature have to be so thick-skinned as to write on a superhero theme? Won’t it be a joke?

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Cui Geng was extremely unwilling, but he realized that Boss Pei’s debate ability was indeed too strong. He quickly became speechless.

In the end, he could only nod reluctantly. “Alright, Boss Pei. I’ll read Hurricane Comics Company’s comics in the next few days and come up with a concept...”

“However, don’t get your hopes up. I won’t be responsible if you spend all the money on the fixed-rate contract for a bunch of rubbish.”

Pei Qian was overjoyed. You can write a bunch of rubbish? That’s exactly what I wanted!

He patted Cui Geng on the shoulder immediately. “Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter even if the work is not successful. It will be a meaningful attempt!”

“There will always be failures as long as we try!”

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“Zhongdian Chinese Network is offering the fixed-rate contract because we will take the risk and allow you to create your works without any pressure!”

“Don’t worry and try to your heart’s content. I’ll take responsibility if anything goes wrong!”

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Boss Pei left, leaving the confused Cui Geng behind. He could only read Hurricane Comics Company’s comics aimlessly.

To Pei Qian, the current situation of the entire “inspiration class” was completely in line with his expectations and was following the script. He also specially took care of Cui Geng, the author who was most likely to give problems to write a theme with the lowest success rate. It could be said to be multiple insurance.