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Ma Yang stuffed another piece of cake. “You’re the boss of a company at the very least. How can you not take care of your body? You can’t do everything personally anymore. Hire an assistant and toss her all the work, how great would that be?”

“Hire an assistant?” Pei Qian froze momentarily.

Ma Yang nodded his head. “That’s right, hire an assistant. Isn’t that always the case on television? The domineering boss would always be driving a luxurious car to pick up girls. In any case, he just wouldn’t be doing any work while everything else is tossed to his assistant. Haven’t you heard of the saying... all work is done by the secretary? That’ll be dandy...”

“Eh? Old Ma! You’re a genius! Indeed, I need an assistant! Also, it should be a professional assistant that’s super capable!”

Pei Qian was hit by a stroke of inspiration!

Of course, what Pei Qian thought of was an entirely different thing compared to what Ma Yang had said.

Ma Yang’s thought of how bosses on television series would always have an assistant with them and that was why he had suggested it.

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However, Pei Qian’s thoughts were about how he could toss all his money losing tasks to the assistant, such as renting an office space, hiring more employees and purchasing office equipment!

The next afternoon.

Pei Qian sat at the customer service center of Exxon Headhunting’s Jingzhou City branch, sipping on tea as he awaited the arrival of a consultant.

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There were in fact quite a number of headhunting consultants in the center. However, Pei Qian had specifically mentioned that he wanted the most experienced consultant who was at least at a regional manager level and above!

That was why he had to wait for awhile.

In any case, Pei Qian was in no hurry.

He had decided earlier on that he wanted to hire an assistant.

In truth, he had many options on how he could have gone about hiring one.

For example, he could have arranged for an interview through announcing the position online or he could have looked for anyone in school.

However, none of those fit Pei Qian’s requirement.

One was too slow while the other one was too lowly!

It would be too troublesome for Pei Qian to interview them personally. Besides, it would have been difficult to hire particularly exceptional assistants online.