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“At that moment, they thought about selling the shares to others. That was why I hinted that I knew the project too well. I only had to leak a bit of information to make sure that nobody would buy their shares for a high price! “Thus, after several negotiations, they lost their patience. I slaughtered the price and offered five million yuan!

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“I made it very clear. The project is only worth that much now. If they wanted to delay it any longer, they would not even have gotten five million yuan!

“If we waited longer, we may have gotten a lower price. However, I thought that you were in a bit of a rush, Boss Pei. I didn’t want to hold you back. I guessed that the price was good enough, and so I finished the deal.

“Oh, that’s right. The man who was in charge of this project at Xude Education took the blame for the entire situation, together with the other members of higher management. That was why he was fired. Boss Pei, I remember you saying you wanted to poach him. That’s why I contacted him and invited him over.

“If you want to meet him, you can do so at any time!

“That’s about it. What do you think, Boss Pei? I dealt with it all quite decisively, right?”

Pei Qian had no idea what to say.

“You did... really well,” said Pei Qian sorrowfully and through gritted teeth. At the other end of the line, He Desheng smiled, embarrassed. “Don’t mention it, Boss Pei. You had clear directions. I was just doing as you told me. That’s how I achieved those results!

“If you didn’t keep some shares on hand and instruct me to buy all the shares back, I would not have thought about doing this!”

Pei Qian, “...”

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Alright, it’s my fault again. We’ve already bought them back. What else can I say?

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Pei Qian grieved for a while and then said, “Tell the man in charge to meet me at Dream Realization Ventures at 2 PM. I want to see him.”

He Desheng replied, “Alright, no problem, Boss Pei!”

After hanging up, Pei Qian felt worried. He could not tell that He Desheng was that good at bargaining

However, that was the most useless skill in Tengda Corporation!

Still, since they had already obtained Top Student, Come Quick’—the mess of a project that could keep incurring losses-back, he now had a bottomless pit. He could probably lose the ten million yuan again sooner or later.