Does the state power network make money?

Does the state power network make money?

Lin Chang arrived in no time.

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“Boss Pei! Congratulations!”

“Before I came, I just learned from the person-in-charge of the cinema chains that the various cinema chains were very surprised by the godly figures of ‘Mission and Choice’. They had already adjusted the screening rate. I believe that the box office will rise steadily soon!”

“However, what surprised me the most was the game. Boss Pei, how did you think of hiding the remade version of ‘Mission and Choice’ in the old game? This was a stroke of genius. Many players were overjoyed, thinking that it was a rebirth from domestic games!”

“Weibo’s top ten hot searches had ‘Mission and Choice’ on five of them, the movie had three, and the game had two! Such a marketing method is really impressive, saving tens of millions of yuan in marketing! Impressive, impressive!”

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Lin Chang looked genuinely happy.

As the person-in-charge of Shenhua Film and Television, Lin Chang usually dealt with various producers and directors. He also handled many movies.

Therefore, he was very clear about the current state of domestic sci-fi movies. It could be described as ‘extremely weak’.

It could not be said that the director or producer of the sci-fi film was not good. It could only be said that the entire industry started late and had a weaker foundation. This was a huge problem.

That was why Lin Chang was sincerely happy to see Boss Pei so bold as to invest a huge sum of money into filming a domestic sci-fi movie and achieve a very good response. This meant that the domestic film industry was developing in a very good direction!

Pei Qian forced a smile. “Let’s talk while we eat.”

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He could only say that humans’ sorrows and joy were not interlinked. Every time Boss Pei felt sad, the people around him seemed to be very happy...

Soon, various delicacies filled the dining table.

It was not Lin Chang’s first time here, so he did not stand during the ceremony at all. He raised his thumb and praised Mission and Choice as he ate.

“I watched Mission and Choice’s midnight show yesterday. I’m not satisfied yet.”

“Especially the part where ‘realistic elements’ were added in the middle part of the show. Qin Yi’s command gradually relies on the artificial intelligence’s suggestion. It was originally a slightly uncomfortable plot, but it made all the audience take it for granted through clever handling...”