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…I don’t know whether I should say I didn’t expect this or not. …A contestant of the top or second girl that I don’t want to see right now, Konoha Hoshinomori-san. She’s still wearing her usual coat even during the new year.

I fell speechless by seeing her alone. However, Kousei wasn’t moved for a single inch. He even answered her emotionlessly.

“Ah, isn’t this the erotic girl- Konoha Hoshinomori-senpai? Ara, what a coincidence. We were just talking about you.”

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“Huh! H-Happy New Year. …B-But I don’t think so, right? You guys weren’t talking about me, right. Aren’t you two talking about cockroaches or something-“

“Yeah! So! We were just talking about YOU!”



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The two of them are smiling at each other, yet sparks are overflowing between them. …I feel like these two are indeed really close, even though they don’t share a point of contact …Hmm.

When I’m observing these two, I can hear straw shoe footsteps behind Konoha-san. The person is clearly not used to wearing them yet, and there’s a familiar yet quiet voice too.

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“W-Wait for me, Konoha. Why did you go first-“

At this point, the owner of the voice saw us. …No, she mainly saw me first, so she immediately froze. I also stared at her while remaining speechless.

“Ah, K-Keita…”


An indescribable and incredibly awkward atmosphere radiated between us two. …This is not just the awkwardness after the Christmas party.

The thing that freaked me out the most is that…Chiaki looks way too beautiful in a kimono.