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The glasses disappeared in seconds. Qiao Liang was highly suspicious. Could there be 2,000 of them?

That shouldn’t be the case.

He had also met the product manager in charge of developing glasses, Old Song, when he was helping Slow Movement Studio test the game previously. Given Shenhua Corporation and Tengda Corporation’s financial resources, the VR glasses should be very sufficient this time. There was no reason for it to be so little.

However, Qiao Liang had no choice but to continue snatching.

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He could have spoken to Lin Wan and thought of ways to get one for free, but he did not do that in the end.

That was because he was worried that that would disrupt Boss Pei’s plan.

He knew that Boss Pei was in charge of the publicity plan for the VR glasses this time.

He also knew that dozens of VR glasses had been sent out this time to various UP Masters and streamers. Many of them were small streamers with thousands of fans, but they had not been sent to Qiao Liang.

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Has Boss Pei forgotten?

Qiao Liang felt that it was impossible.

Boss Pei probably did not give it to him on purpose for various reasons!

In that case, Qiao Liang took the initiative to look for Lin Wan and tried to get a pair of free VR glasses, it would not match Boss Pei’s thoughts and might disrupt the entire publicity plan.

Thus, Qiao Liang decided to fight for it based on his own ability!

He might not have been able to grab it even though he had tried twice but as the saying went, those with ambition would succeed.