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He then spun around in a half-circle before dropping Sudō back down and pushing him away with his left hand, effectively swapping places with him.

“Was bein’ up against the wall too much for ya? This should be enough of a handicap, so fuckin’ man up and come at me!”

“Stop fucking with me!”

Sudō roared out, his engine running at full-throttle.

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He readied himself to charge at Hōsen, fully committed to taking the upper hand, but before he could─

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“Oi Sudō, take a look at Horikita’s face. She’s glarin’ at you somethin’ fierce, ah?”

As he spoke, Hōsen unclenched his fists and pointed at Horikita, who was standing behind Sudō.

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Just as their fight was reaching its peak, Hōsen dropped his guard. At this point, Sudō suddenly realized that he had lost his cool and had gotten himself wrapped up in a full-on brawl. Worried about how angry Horikita must be with him for breaking his promise, he turned his back on the formidable enemy standing in front of him.

Of course, it wasn’t like Horikita was pleased with Sudō fighting like this.

However, her expression was not one of anger, but one of worry and distress over not knowing what she needed to do.

She could only scream out to him, begging for him to turn back around. Only watch as he let show this one fatal moment of carelessness.

By the time he realized that he had screwed up, it was already too late.

With a fiendish grin on his face, Hōsen smashed his fist straight into Sudō’s cheek while his back was turned.

A scathing blow that had seemingly come out of nowhere.