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How can I make a regular online online?

Under more usual circumstances, I would start out by closely analyzing my opponent’s fighting style like this.

After all, if I were to strike back carelessly, Nanase might end up getting seriously injured.

And, given what was said earlier, that would only serve to put me even more of a disadvantage.

With that being the case, my next thought was to try and look to restrain her by force instead, but I feared that it was all too likely she had taken that into consideration as well.

But even so─ it still wouldn’t be a very wise choice either way.

Even though Nanase’s words alone weren’t very trustworthy, I had been sensing a presence following after us all throughout the entire day today.

There was definitely somebody, or somebodies, watching to see how things played out as they carefully maintained their distance.

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Whoever they were, if they weren’t reinforcements, then it was probably safe to assume that they had been tasked with recording conclusive evidence of what happened with a tablet or something.

Therefore, given the situation, the only real choice I could make here was…

After making a feint to her left, Nanase lunged straight at me with an outstretched arm.

She didn’t come at me with a fist, but a gentle, open palm. She had chosen to engage me with a grappling technique.

Upon seeing this, I took action, and while my movements were delayed, I easily surpassed the speed of Nanase’s incoming strike.