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It’s been 10 minutes since I met with Amano-kun and Konoha-san. I, Karen Tendou, bid farewell to them and left with a chic “nice girl” aura. …After that, I headed to the nearest convenience store and bought carbonated drinks, which I usually wouldn’t try. Then, when I chugged the whole bottle at the food court, …I scratched my head as I flooded myself in regret.

(Why! Why would I reject Amano-kun with a smug face! What’s the reason to turn down your most beloved person’s confession! There’s literally nothing in the world that stops me from dating him, not in my family at least! I just rejected him because of self-satisfaction, …isn’t this too weird? True love overrides everything, right? If that’s the case, this means that what I did…is just committing suicide! Am I an idiot! Seriously, what was I doing…)

I stopped scratched my head as I leaned on the chair and stared at the roof of the store. A dusty air conditioner came into view. …I was feeling as boundless as the sea and sky when I was explaining to Chiaki-san. Right now, I’m utterly depressed.

(Sigh, …can Amano-kun please ask me to date him again.)

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The Karen Tendou in Hoshinomori’s home was nowhere to be found, I was hopeless. Although I’m dumbfounded at myself, the bitterness in my heart hurts way more, so I’m really helpless too.

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Venting out in the store alone like this, I feel like… all these hesitations in my heart doesn’t even matter if I can stay with Amano-kun.

Really, how petty and low do I have to be as a girl.

However, …on the other hand, I did expect this.

“Even though I’m such a coward alone, …when I’m in front of Amano-kun or Chiaki-san, I bet I’ll still pretend to be the strong-willed Karen Tendou. …I’ve always been like this.”

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Really. It’s idiotic, no matter how you look at it.

I sighed loudly after I’m completely fed up with myself. So, …my phone on the table suddenly vibrated. I casually grabbed it and turned on the screen while still feeling depressed, then I found out…

“…It’s from Konoha-san?”

Konoha-san texted me on her own. I always get a half-baked response even if I tried to talk to her. It’s rare for her to text me.

I opened the app and read it.

<Konoha Hoshinomori: About the question earlier, I think I can answer more straightforwardly. Sorry, even though this is still my own definition, please allow me to answer again if possible.>