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The first thing Pei Qian did when he returned to his residence was to open Gou Yan to check the box office of Flying Star Journey.

In first place, “Flying Star Journey” had 16.493 million yuan box office as of noon. In second place was “The Chaser” with a box office of 3.217 million yuan as of noon.

Tomorrow is Beautiful was in third place with a box office of 2.874 million yuan as of noon.

Three question marks floated above Pei Qian’s head as his heart turned cold.

This situation did not seem right!

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The box office of ‘Flying Star Journey’ should have been able to reach about 32 million yuan today, which would have been much higher

than yesterday. However, it still met the box office expectations of Gou Yan or actually missed slightly.

In other words, this film would only have a box officer of about 300 million yuan in China.

Gou Yan proved very strongly to Pei Qian that its estimates were very correct. However, it was now Pei Qian’s turn to wonder.

Such a big production with such little popularity? If this box office performance was true, then the film would be making a huge loss. The global box office would make a loss of four to five billion US dollars!

“How envious! Sigh, forget it, it has nothing to do with me.

“I don’t care how much loss you made, just help me push down the box office of Tomorrow is Beautiful!”

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Pei Qian’s expectation of Flying Star Journey naturally decreased, seeing how it fell short of expectation. He originally hoped that it could squeeze out all other films from the film schedule. However, it seemed impossible now.

He got angrier when he saw The Chaser. “What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you a large production? Why did your box office drop so much after three days of release?”