Is it a fake on the Internet?

Is it a fake on the Internet?

Jiang Huan might have played perfectly in all five games, but EK’s running-in was still slightly worse than H4’s after all so they lost in the end.

Jiang Huan’s performance had now conquered international players. In the hearts of many people, Jiang Huan was the best toplaner!

The H4 Club stood up and shook hands with everyone from the EK Club.

Huang Wang and Jiang Huan hugged each other. “I have to admit that you are still better even though winning over you felt great.”

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Jiang Huan smiled. “No problem, it is all the same.”

“The championship belongs to DGE no matter which one of us wins!”

Huang Wang nodded excitedly. “That’s right!”

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Brilliant sparks spurted from the bottom of the stage, golden rain falling from the sky. The members of the H4 Club rushed to the championship trophy in the center of the stage with ecstasy. They were greeted with tsunami-like applause and cheers.

H4’s jungler rushed to the trophy excitedly, holding the waist of the trophy with both hands, trying to lift it.

However, an embarrassing scene happened: The trophy did not move!

Pang Ling was a little puzzled; could this trophy be welded dead to the podium? Why could it not be moved otherwise?

Huang Wang smiled. “Tch, tch.”

He stretched his hand to hold the thin waist of the trophy, the muscles on his hands bulging as he raised it over his head directly single-handedly!

At this moment, countless flashes appeared from below the stage, recording this historic moment.

Huang Wang’s sturdy arms held the huge and heavy trophy high, golden rain fell slowly from the sky.

Question marks floated above Pei Qian’s head as he sat in the audience.

If he did not remember wrongly, this trophy weighed 28 kilograms, didn’t it?

That was nearly 60 jin[1]!