Make gods online

Make gods online

Pei Qian was already prepared for the worst.

Now that he had finished considering DGE’s problems, Pei Qian placed his cell phone back on the table and sipped his coffee as he looked out of the window.

It had been a long time since he had stayed in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe so late and watched the night views from here. Suddenly and for no reason, Pei Qian felt like night time in Jingzhou was a little less quiet and a little more emotional.

He looked at the lamp outside the window and his own silhouette reflected in the glass. Out of nowhere, he began reminiscing on a lot of things.

Jingzhou was brightly lit at night.

People were walking to and fro on the streets downtown. For those living in the business district of Jingzhou City, the night had just begun.

A dazzling array of billboards hung above people’s heads, flashing with eye-catching lights. Various beautiful and exquisite ornaments looked tempting under the soft lamplight and through the windows of roadside shops.

Plastic mannequins wore fine and flawless costumes, showing off their graceful figures and seeming to mock the admiring faces of those standing outside but who were afraid to enter.

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Young couples stumbled into bars and picked up wine glasses, with the aroma of their wine permeating their hearts.

Restaurants, bars, karaoke lounges... bursts of laughter traveled from the places that brought people joy.

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Whether rich or poor, ugly or beautiful; everyone could find a place for their laughter. However, some laughed in satisfaction while others laughed in disappointment.

In a brightly-lit office building, someone was staying behind to work overtime. He stood up, walked over to the water machine, and poured himself a glass of hot water as he looked helplessly at the dark night sky.

In a cheap rental house, someone held a wrench and tape as he struggled to fix a leaking pipe.

In a small internet cafe by the road and within the fog, someone was editing his resume word for word. Once he was done, he accessed recruitment websites and sent his resume into the electronic mailboxes of various companies.