Teenage children to make money online

Teenage children to make money online

Would working with such a platform be good?

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Old Liu fell into deep suspicion.

“Ah, it hung.”

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This time, Tang Yishu did not return the cell phone. Instead, she clicked on the game’s APP icon again and continued to experience it from the beginning.

Old Liu:”…”

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Three minutes later, Tang Yishu paused again and handed the cell phone back.

Old Liu took it and realized that the game graphics had been used. There seemed to be a small problem with the art resources.

Old Liu was completely speechless.

What was happening?

Why did the game suddenly drop the ball?

In less than ten minutes, there were already three bugs!

These bugs were indeed bugs that existed in the game. Old Liu even knew that some of the bugs would appear by chance under extremely small probabilities. However, under normal circumstances, the low probability should not affect the game experience, right?

A situation where three bugs appeared in ten minutes was too rare.

Those who did not know better would think that the game was filled with bugs!

Tang Yishu comforted him. “Actually, it’s alright. It’s inevitable that bugs would appear. Why don’t you go back and fix the bugs before signing the agreement?”