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“Of course. That’s why I never learned my lesson and came to your house to bother you again.”

“It’s fine for you to come to my home…but…”

Tendou-san said that as she glanced the thing on her table. That’s a brilliant letter opener designed after swords in fantasy RPGs.

“Look, you already gave me such a fantastic birthday present, there’s no need for you to…”

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“No, please let me do this. Please, Tendou-san.”

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“W-Why are you bowing down to me…! I-I understand!”

After Tendou-san answered that, she immediately grabbed the controller once again. I smiled at her, then she replied to me with the same but a bit perplexing smile.

“Sigh, well, …when the birthday ended peacefully, of course, she doesn’t want to go out of her way and crush her boyfriend with a game…”

I deeply understand the reason why Tendou-san doesn’t want to play combat games right now.

However, …I can’t back down either. After all, in this one week, …I concealed the fact that I tried my absolute best to walk the shortcut!

“Right now, this battle is dedicated to Uehara-kun and Oiso-senpai as well…! If I prioritized this normie couple atmosphere and forget about the match, I can’t bring myself to face them!”

To be honest, I know that Tendou-san is emitting a strong “why is my boyfriend still pressing on for a match in situations like this” aura…B-But I don’t mind! We’re fighting if I said we’re fighting! Although if Agur0san, my mentor in relationships, is here, she would probably look me down. “Amanocchi, that’s your bad habit!” Even so, I’m still fighting!

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Just as I’m waiting for the game to load, I yelled out quite excitedly.

“Tendou-san. On this memorable occasion, I’m definitely going to smash with you!”

“Words! Amano-kun, are you saying that on purpose!”

“Eh, on what purpose?”

“Hiya, I can’t believe you’re meant that naturally. This just makes it even more disgusting! Let me tell you, my mom is home today as well!”