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After downloading…

This was really a high-end computer. The gaming experience was so good!

When he entered the game, he automatically adjusted all the settings to the maximum. This would guarantee a top-notch, full experience of the game! This computer had many good points and no shortcomings but one.

If he lost the game, he could not push the blame to the computer!

All the excuses about mouses trembling, keyboards buttons not responding, the computer lagging, the monitor flickering, and the headphones not working…

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All of them would be irrelevant.

If one was bad at the game, there was no way they would be able to blame the computer; they would only have their own lousy skills to blame! To some people, this might be a flaw.

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Pei Qian played two games in PvP mode and was completely trashed. Then, he played in biochemical mode. He was still trashed. He had no choice but to play story mode.

“Indeed, a smart man like me cannot play games that are fully dependent on reaction speed. The story mode is still the most fun.”

As Pei Qian played in story mode, he could not help but feel moved.

How the hell was this game actually created by me?! I wonder what exactly Huang Sibo and Bao Xu experienced.

Pei Qian was still playing when Zhang Yuan suddenly served him a glass of alcohol.