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The four mentors formed teams and snatched contestants. The four teams would form a group competition to determine the final winner.

Phil had obtained the script for ‘second place’ on the basis of this rule.

The reason why he took the second place script was because first place was simply too eye-catching. According to the script’s arrangement, the team that Phil would form would be a team that “did not look strong but was actually very strong”.

In other words, this group of people would deliberately not perform so well during the pre-selection. At that time, Phil would see their potential and recruit them under his team. Their potential would be unleashed in the official group competition. However, there was still a certain gap in strength, so they would lose with regret and ultimately obtain second place.

This way, the audience would feel that this group of people with average qualifications, performed well under Phil’s guidance.

It was not Phil’s fault that they obtained second place in the end. It was just that the team members were too rookie and could not be brought along.

That way, most viewers would think that Phil was a playboy on the surface, but was actually a very capable person, on the same level as the other three big bosses.

This would lay a solid foundation for Phil’s next step.

‘Successor’ soon became popular even before it was released!

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Among these names was a superhero who had been famous for a long time, a star manager of superheroes and marketing director of a company. All of them were famous industry leaders in the field of superheroes. However, apart from these three people, there was also the famous Phil Simmons, a playboy and rich second-generation heir who had many fans on Twitter?

There was immediately a wave of doubts online: Phil Simmons might have a good education background and was a CEO of a company, but was he really qualified to be a mentor for such a program?

However, these doubts were quickly overshadowed. That was because the producers of ‘Successor’ immediately announced the competition format of the show: four coaches would snatch the contestants and start a team competition.

Thus, those who had doubted Phil Simmons earlier began to gloat. They wanted to see Phil Simmons embarrass himself on the show.