Is online part-time money illegal?

Is online part-time money illegal?

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This was similar to the “Bill Gates’ Son-in-law” joke.

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The only difference was that the joke was pure nonsense and not feasible. However, Meng Chang’s operation was feasible and the success rate was infinitely close to 100%!!(MISSING)

Meng Chang immediately took action and went to Slow Movement Studio.

He could not delay this matter after all. Every additional day he delayed meant an additional day of risk.

Teacher Qiao was a huge threat to Meng Chang’s commission. He could not let him wander outside. He had to be locked in a cage as soon as possible so that Meng Chang could feel at ease!

June 14th, Thursday...

Zhongdian Chinese Network’s inspiration class.

The original author of the Eternal Reincarnation novel, Yu Fei, was in the work area. He frowned and seriously edited the plot.

The originally deserted work area was now more than half full.

It was not only Cui Geng’s three works that had been copyrighted and developed that were being modified. The other authors in the inspiration class were also busy creating!

Some were polishing works, some were redesigning the entire story structure, and some wanted to finish their current works as soon as possible and create a new story.

The atmosphere of the entire inspiration class had a 180-degree turn compared to before!

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Obviously, Boss Pei had given life and vitality to the inspiration class.

Previously, everyone had written for the sake of the fixed-rate contract. At first, they were more passionate, but they quickly lost their goals.

That was because it was difficult to make a breakthrough no matter how hard they worked after the results of a book were fixed. Naturally, the authors became lazy.

However, the copyright development of these three works allowed all the authors to see the light.

If they could do it, I would definitely be able to do it if I worked hard!

Thus, everyone found a goal to work towards once again. More and more authors were seriously writing in the work area.