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「Let’s show our hands.」

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The moment I said that, the president stiffened.

「A-Allen-kun… Are you not going to change cards?」

「No, I’m going to play with this hand.」

「T-This hand? But you didn’t check your cards again…」she said. Her voice trembling.

She must have recalled the unpleasant memory of the first battle.

「Ahaha. I’ve decided to entrust all the important games up to heaven.」

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「I-I see… Okay, let’s do it! My hand is Full House! Now show me your hand!」


Then I slowly turned over the cards in front of me, one by one from the right.

The first one is, Ten of Spades.

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「You’ve gotta be kidding me…」

The president being at a loss for words seemed like deja vu.

And then, in the exact same order as before, the exact same cards appeared.

Jack of Spades.

Queen of Spades.

King of Spades.

And the last one, of course, Ace of Spades.

「Wow! What are the chances! It’s a Royal Straight Flush again.」