Is it really reliable on the Internet?

Is it really reliable on the Internet?

She spoke with a level of enthusiasm one would expect from a girl who was headed over to her boyfriend’s room, but I didn’t feel even an ounce of excitement about it. If I didn’t manage to cook her a dish she was happy with, all negotiations would probably be broken off then and there. Not to mention that the task this time was to cook her something ‘delicious’, which was an inherently abstract benchmark to base things off of.

If she never had any intention of letting me pass this little test of hers from the very beginning, then all of this had been nothing more than a futile waste of points and time. But for now, it didn’t seem like I had any other choice but to come to terms with whatever development took place.

I hadn’t realized that Horikita’s split-second decision yesterday would’ve led to something so heavy and troublesome.

Originally, I hadn’t said anything to Horikita and Sudō before since I was fine with covering the expenses, but now I had half a mind to discuss the costs with them after I washed my hands of all of this.

It would be best to set that matter aside for the time being though.

In order to confront the current situation as straightforwardly as possible, I decided to pitch Amasawa one of the questions I had been wanting to ask her.

“Wanting to eat a meal made by a guy you don’t even know is a little strange, don’t you think? Wouldn’t somebody usually be fairly opposed to something like that?”

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This was just my own self-centered opinion, but I felt like it was something that people would generally be reluctant to do.

Meals weren’t just made for show, they were made to be put into the mouth and swallowed down into the stomach.

One would normally be concerned about who cooked the meal and how it was made, as these factors were directly related to both taste and hygiene.

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Then, as you got to know the person cooking for you and began to trust their dishes, that past feeling of reluctance would gradually begin to die down.

“Think so? But, like, it isn’t all that different from eating at a restaurant? With like, some stranger doing their thing in the kitchen to whip you up a meal, there’s no way you can know what’s going on back there.”