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After I said that, for some reason, Tendou-san looked away from me and pressed her chest…? What’s wrong with her? Nausea?

When she finally cleared her throat and turned towards me, …she already reverted to the usual “Karen Tendou” mode and chatted with me.

“Well, it looks like Kousei-kun isn’t going, right?”

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“Yeah, you’re right. However, I guess he worried about going to a party surrounded by older people.”

After I said that, Tendou-san looked down slightly and mumbled for some reason.

“…No, I don’t think he’s the type that worries things like that…”

“Hmm? Ah, Kousei got really close to you guys last time, after all…”

“…I-Instead of saying he got closer to us, …no, nevermind. Well, I guess it’s still the usual 6 people today.”

“Yeah, the five of us in the Game Hobby Club and Konoha-san. That’s 6 people.”

“Naturally, we’re borrowing Hoshinomori’s home.”

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Just as we’re chatting, the bus to Hoshinomori’s house arrived.

Tendou-san followed me and stepped onto the stairs. The bus is empty. Then, Tendou-san sat down at the double seat first. I also- almost sat next to her before coming to my realization.

(W-We aren’t dating anymore. Can I sit next to a girl like it’s nothing?)

I think I’m about to sit next to Tendou-san just then. However, come to think of it, …that’s a bit overstepping, right.

Luckily, no one is on the bus. In other words, there’s no problem for me to take a double seat alone.

So, …I changed my mind and sat at the double seat in front of Tendou-san.


I sat next to the window and put my bags aside before sighing. …Alright, I managed to prevent myself from making the wrong choice again. I didn’t misjudge the distance we need to keep after we broke up…

So, at the moment that I’m about to press my chest in relief.