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How to identify the online make money is true

『It will develop as such』

“Hey, it’s pretty messed up!?”


-Oops, Earth doesn’t have any weapons, does he? Is this an indication of surrender?

– Sloppy. Hey, Rebal, bury that 2nd place failure quickly so you and I can flirt!

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-If only I were to serve Mr. Rebal rather than Little Man.

– Tsk, idiot dunce son of mine

-No Mercy, Earth. Now watch as me and the princess flirt. As for Sadiz, I’ll get her as my concubine!

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“Oh, no, no, Hell no! Oh, Rebal, you bastard, no, I’ll end the whole world!”

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『Be quiet and listen! So, here it is! You present your biggest grin.』

– Grin...... Phew...... Everything seems to stop.

– What? Earth, what’s with those movements! Oh, my sword won’t hit!?

– I’ll make that handsome face look like an orc’s! Demon Cork Screw Blow!

– Buheeeee!?

“...... Hah...”

『And the entire venue is stunned... After a short moment, the Empire is astonished!』


『So, how is it? To forgo the path of a magic swordsman, to aspire for power unrelated with his father or mother, and to show the battle and power, not as the Child of the Hero, but as ‘Earth Lagann’. Is this not ideal?』