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You had a bad feeling about it before you uploaded the video? You even wish you had given it more thought before uploading?

Thank goodness you hadn’t!

If you had, I might have been destroyed!

“Come, eat, eat. Don’t think too much about these things. They’re all in the past so leave them there.”

Pei Qian quickly comforted Qiao Liang for fear that he would keep thinking and end up filling the gaps. If he posted another video to do that, wouldn’t Pei Qian be in big trouble?

As Qiao Liang ate, he sighed again. “Since you don’t want to tell me, I have no choice but to try and figure it out on my own, Boss Pei...”

Pei Qian: “?”

What do you mean ‘I don’t want to tell you?’ You have already decided that I know the answer, haven’t you? Well, I don’t know a thing!

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Pei Qian was speechless. This was where the conflict was:

If he didn’t say anything, Qiao Liang would think that he was hiding something on purpose, and he would try his best to figure out Pei Qian’s deeper intentions. On the other hand, Pei Qian could be helping Qiao Liang if he said anything.

How should he choose?

Once again, he had arrived at a fork in the road.

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After considering the problem for two minutes, Pei Qian decided that he could not leave Teacher Qiao any room to imagine. Otherwise, he could come up with seriously dangerous ideas!

Take Yu Pingan’s earlier answer, for example. It was very appropriate for a setting like that.

Pei Qian’s expression became somber. “Alright, let me tell you the truth. Didn’t you ask what your latest video was lacking?”

Qiao Liang nodded. “Yes!”

Pei Qian continued speaking. “Your video was not lacking anything. You’ve covered everything, from an introduction of Thriller Hostel’s gameplay to an explanation of the pricing strategy and an analysis of the details.”