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Xing Le Internet Cafe’s model was clearly just a cheapened version of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Although the computer specifications were slightly lower and the environment was not as nice and was a little more cramped, these factors allowed for a significant reduction in capital injections. That’s how they could price their rates much lower as well.

This way, for customers who were used to traditional internal cafes, they would be willing to try this out and wouldn’t be so easily dissuaded from a pricing point of view.

Furthermore, this chain internet cafe company had received funding from Fu Hui Investments.

Evidently, Boss Li had something to do with this.

Pei Qian knew that Boss Li wouldn’t give up so easily and was still paying attention to Pei Qian. If not, why would Boss Li have invested in an internet cafe, bar, and mahjong and chess parlors in this deserted place?

Pei Qian was so emotional he wanted to cry.

This Boss Li really loved him very much! Boss Li was always doing his best to help Pei Qian; he was really a good person!

“What should we do, Brother Qian? We can’t possibly continue the same as before?” Ma Yang asked slightly anxiously.

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A similar situation had happened before once; that had been targeted at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s flagship store.

This time, the enemy was a chain internet cafe brand; the target was shifted to encompass all Fish-Catching Internet Cafes!

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Furthermore, they had managed to turn the situation in their favor only because of Chen Lei, someone that Pei Qian had put in place secretly long ago.

Now, what could they rely on? Pei Qian might not have a second Chen Lei this time.

Pei Qian suppressed his smile with much difficulty, “Don’t worry; I naturally have a way.”

After assuring Ma Yang, Pei Qian felt warm and fuzzy internally as he decided to head home to rest.

His cell phone rang; it was from Huang Sibo. Pei Qian was a little stunned, and he immediately brought his guard up.

Why was he suddenly calling?!

Ever since Coming Out of the Cocoon as a Butterfly had concluded the previous time, Fei Huang Workspace had been in a state of flux.

As the documentary had generated lossesalthough Boss Pei had not commented on anything, Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce both felt responsible. They didn’t dare to act as before anymore, filming a documentary based on their passion again.

As there was still time before the predetermined ‘slacking and passive’ time frame, Pei Qian naturally had not done anything with them yet.