Fill in the courier number online

Fill in the courier number online

He had also done up his outfit.

His trusted aides, Ma Yang and Bao Xu, were in.

Xin Hailu had managed the company impeccably.

As long as he were to finish the recruitment of new hires, he would be able to open the company officially and start losing money!

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Thinking about his amazing future, Pei Qian’s heart went all fuzzy.

It happened to be an empty workstation which was Lu Mingliang’s place previously.

Pei Qian led Tang Yishu to this workstation. “This will be your workstation from now on. Sit here and do whatever you want when you have nothing to do.”

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“Alright, go and settle the Encourager first.”

Tang Yishu nodded and went on to unpack the cat food and litter box in silence.

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Li Yada and the other employees were fond of Glabella, but it was in a whole new environment and not used to it yet. It soon settled behind a Fortune Tree and refused to come out. Everyone watched on for some time before heading back to their workstations to continue their work.

Pei Qian paid special attention to Bao Xu’s state and found that he was playing his game seriously. He was rather focused, ignoring Glabella even as it walked past his feet.

That was something Pei Qian was pleased about!

Li Yada exclaimed in surprise upon answering a call just when Pei Qian was preparing to return to his own office. “Huh? You are not selling the copyright anymore?”