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“We then used a silver needle to pierce the heart of the cabbage repeatedly, covering the cabbage with pores that are invisible to the naked eye.

“For the soup, we chose a chicken that was neither too fat nor too tender. It could neither be too oily nor overcooked. The fats and insides of the chicken were scraped off before it was repeatedly washed with water to get rid of the blood.

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“Then, we blanched the chicken in boiling water, moved it into pure, boiling water, and then added other ingredients like abalone slices and white mushroom shreds. The soup was left to simmer for four or five hours until it was tasty enough.

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“Then, we took the whole chicken out and added chicken flakes to the soup to absorb the oil. Finally, we added the meat paste formed from the chicken breast into the soup, left it to boil, and then ran it through a fine sieve.

“Combining the soup and the cabbage was the most important step. We needed two separate fires and pots. One pot was to hold the sieve with the cabbage leaves on top while the other was to hold the well-prepared soup.

“The pot with the sieve was to be kept warm over low heat. The pot with the soup was to be kept over even lower heat, so that the soup could be maintained between seventy to eighty degrees Celsius. Everything had to be precise. “After that, a large spoon was used to scoop the warm soup and pour it over the cabbage repeatedly. Once the soup was almost finished, the last bit was poured directly from the pot.

“Once the outermost layer of the cabbage was completely cooked and soft, it was placed inside a flat bowl, and more warm soup was slowly scooped into it. Only dishes prepared in this manner can be called Steamed Chinese Cabbage in Supreme Soup.”

Jessica tried the fresh cabbage and drank the delicious soup. Feeling emotional, she said, “Alright, Elena. I changed my mind. I agree with your point of view. The prejudices that I had against Chinese cuisine were a result of my ignorance. “This dish has completely changed the way I view Chinese cuisine.”

Elena nodded subtly. “This dish surprised me, too. I know any other Chinese restaurants serve this dish, but very few of them can do it well.

“Thank you, Lucas. Your explanation of this dish has greatly enhanced its taste. Your deep understanding of delicacies has greatly inspired me as well.”

Jia Nuo smiled. “Actually, I don’t have that deep of an understanding of delicacies. I only do what I have to, based on the branch manager’s instructions and present the details of every dish to the customers.”

Obviously, that was the reason why Lin Canrong had made all the waiters explain the dishes on the menu.

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Apart from the very few connoisseurs who were extremely sensitive to taste, most ordinary people would not be able to tell how much effort chefs put into creating each dish based on its taste alone.

Instead, most people could only describe delicacies in limited ways: they were either delicious, or fresh, or the like.

Waiters, who explained the details of each dish to customers at a time like that, could popularize the knowledge and create a certain type of environment and atmosphere for them. A ‘common passion’ would be formed between them.

High-end restaurants improved the taste of every dish at all costs. If they did not explain the relevant details to customers, the delicacies would not leave a deep impression in their minds.

Obviously, Lin Canrong’s careful and meticulous planning had all paid off at that moment.

Elena said, “Lucas, can I ask you more about Chinese and Western cuisines?” Jia Nuo pondered for a moment. “I’m afraid I don’t know enough to answer your questions, but I can invite the branch manager over.”

Elena: “If it wouldn’t interrupt his work, I would really appreciate it!”