Which kind of money on the Internet

Which kind of money on the Internet

“I can tolerate ‘Conquer The Three Kingdoms’, but what is this?”

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Qiao Liang flipped through the games. The first few games looked normal. The types and quality of these games were different, some were classic games, and some were less popular but they were still acceptable overall.

However, he suddenly realized that a strange thing had been mixed in.

“Mission and Choice? Isn’t that the legendary shame of the nation?”

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“Why is this rubbish game mixed in to cheat money? It’s even selling for more than a hundred yuan!”

“Are the officials crazy?”

Qiao Liang almost thought that he had seen wrongly.

He had not played Mission and Choice back then, mainly because he had not been financially capable at that time. He could not persuade his parents to spend more than a hundred yuan on this game.

There was no need to buy the game after its reputation collapsed later on.

Of course, just because Qiao Liang had not played this game before did not mean that he had not heard of the ‘shocking’ legend of this game.

Thus, seeing it appear in the compilation of this domestically-produced game was even more unbelievable.

“This lousy thing sells for more than a hundred yuan?”

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“Even five yuan is too expensive!”