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Even though Hashimoto didn’t seem convinced, he began to walk away as if he had given up.

“I came to do a bit of reconnaissance even though our princess said not to. Still, I figured I’d pick up whatever info I could, but it looks like I was just being stupid, huh?”

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He gave me a light pat on my shoulder before proceeding to walk off somewhere. I followed him with my eyes until he was out of sight and then went back into the classroom where the discussion on choosing the events was underway. With my eyes, I conveyed to Horikita that I hadn’t been able to get Mii-chan to return and sat back down in my seat. She didn’t say anything about it.

The discussion in the group chat had already progressed reasonably well, with more than half of the class having shared their responses to Horikita’s homework.

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It seemed to be headed in the direction I had expected, based on everything I knew about the class and the information I had gotten from Kei. First, there were sporting events that everybody was good at, with things like Sudō being good at basketball, Onodera with swimming, and Akito with archery. Then, the students who were confident in their academic abilities like Horikita and Keisei listed off subjects that they felt they could score particularly high marks in. However, unlike sports where people focus their talent and specialize in something, it would be very difficult to include an academic event unless the person is considerably skilled in a certain subject.

“Ayanokōji-kun, were there any students from the other classes in the hallway?”

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“It seemed like there was until a moment ago, but he left once he realized we had started the discussion on our phones.”

“I see. Well that’s the obvious thing to do I guess.”

Having understood that nobody was eavesdropping any more, Sudō made his move.

“Basketball! We should definitely include basketball!”

Sudō appealed directly to Horikita.

“I don’t doubt your ability. Are you sure you won’t lose, no matter who you go against?”

“There are tons of ways to compete in basketball. If we pick a one-on-one, I’ll definitely win.”

Basketball is typically played on the court in a five-on-five match.

That said, there are several derivations of the sport, including the one-on-one match Sudō was advocating for. With solid rules, the event would probably be enough to get approved by the school.

“You’re not wrong. I have no doubts about your abilities as a basketball player. It’s a safe bet to think that you’ll win if we put you one-on-one against somebody.”