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“I find that hard to believe.”

Of course, as I told Katsuragi, it’s just my own personal interpretation.

“In the case of Ryūen, a high-risk, high-return type student, it's possible he could graduate from Class A or he could drop out of school in a flash during some exam. That’s why he needed some insurance.”

It’s very possible that a single betrayal could lead to the downfall of Ryūen’s administration.

“If that’s the case…I don’t like it.”

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I felt it was because he thought highly of Katsuragi, but he didn’t hide his dissatisfaction.

“Ryūen and I are enemies because of our different values. That hasn’t changed now that we’re classmates. But now that we’re allies, I think the minimum goal should be to graduate from Class A without missing anyone.”

Since he knows that this is the kind of person he is, Ryūen probably won’t tell Katsuragi directly.

When I look at his personal growth, I can see that Ryūen has made remarkable progress, but his classmates haven’t been able to keep up with his momentum.

“About earlier, you made the right decision to keep Ryūen from hearing about Tokitō.”

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“It would be nice if we could just leave the rebels alone, but if we have to get rid of them later, it could become a bigger problem.”

I’m sure it’s a source of annoyance and a headache, but at the same time, it will be a rewarding experience for Katsuragi.

At the very least, the situation is largely different to the time when he was in Class A, where he was tamed and defeated without a fight.

The expression on Katsuragi’s face softened slightly, as if some new idea had come to mind.

“What do you think, Katsuragi-kun?”

“…I understand.”

After clearing his throat once, Katsuragi turned his attention to me once again.

“After having you listen to what I had to say, I have some perspective on what I need to do. I’m grateful.”

“No, I’m just saying what’s on my mind is all.”