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“I heard you’re taking today off as well?”

She had asked me not to come back anymore, and yet I came anyway. It was a reckless act that ignored her warning.

This time, there was no response from Ichinose.

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I didn’t say anything else. I just sat with my back to her door until the end of the lunch break, just like I had done the week before.

(Part 4 End)

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The same thing happened on Tuesday. The exposition is no longer necessary.

After confirming that Ichinose was absent yet again, I went to her room.

She wouldn’t be able to hate one of her own classmates, but I was a student in another class. I had nothing to lose, even if she broke off all relations with me. This was the primary reason behind why I was being so aggressive.

There wasn’t much time left before the end-of-year exam.

In this situation, it was possible that these absences would continue even on the day of the exam.

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No, even if she showed up on the day of the exam, her classmates would already be suffering from a great deal of stress. It was entirely possible that their scores would suffer from it.

In which case, even if nobody ended up having to drop out, it would still have a large impact on their class points.

It was necessary to have Ichinose come to school on Thursday to bring some peace of mind to the rest of Class B.

Thinking about it this way, the time limit was tomorrow.

(Part 5 End)