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Once he became a professional at the games, his entire attitude towards them would change. He would not be able to recreate the same experience he had the first time around.

If he created a video explaining Repent and be Saved in detail, players would already expect the game to be hard before entering it. Wouldn’t that affect their attitude towards it?

Qiao Liang guessed it most likely would.

Thus, Boss Pei was indeed thoughtful.

Yet… how about his popularity…?

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Qiao Liang kept silent for a moment and said, “Boss Pei, you are right indeed. My video might affect players’ first impression of the game.

“However, even if I don’t create a video, other UP Masters might…”

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Qiao Liang felt indignant. The first UP Master to create a video about the game would enjoy the greatest benefits. Was he supposed to give up such an excellent opportunity to gain more popularity?

Pei Qian expected that he would think that way. Thus, he nodded and said, “I know, that’s unavoidable. However, you’ve spent such a long time on the game after all. You’re the UP Master with the deepest understanding of the game. “I suggest that you wait at least a week after its release before you upload a video about the game. At the very least, the first batch of players would be able to experience the game firsthand.

“Even if you wait a week more, you would surely still be faster than other UP Masters.

“At the same time, other players would experience the torture that you went through at first.”

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A realization dawned on Qiao Liang. That’s right!