What kind of studio makes money online?

What kind of studio makes money online?

“Golden Prosperity Square is very clear that Tengda has not only brought him rent, but also huge traffic!”

“The other world has organized a GPL league. GOG players from all over the country would come to watch the competition and spend time there. How many people are there?”

“However, the subway entrance is in the Great World. In addition, the food and shops in Great World are of higher quality than in Golden Prosperity Square. Thus, most of the traffic is stopped by the Great World. Few people actually come to Golden Prosperity Square.”

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“Golden Prosperity Square is investing a huge sum of money to build this building but not attracting customers, isn’t that a huge loss?”

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“However, the situation would be completely different if Tengda’s experience shop were to open here!”

“You can clearly see the entire Tengda experience shop on the side of the road, and even in the shops from Great World!”

“Would those who came to watch the GPL league come over to take a look?”

“Without Tengda experience shops, this street is nothing. However, with Tengda experience shops, this street is nothing more than two minutes of walking. The difference is huge!”

“Take the POUIO cell phone’s retail store for example. They would be able to get a very favorable rental fee no matter which shopping mall it is in. No shopping mall would dare to increase the rent because POUIO cell phone’s retail store can attract a large number of shoppers. It can increase the sales volume of the shopping center by 10%!o(MISSING)n average.”

“Is the higher rent more important or the additional 10%!o(MISSING)f sales more important? This is a multiple-choice question that even a primary school student would not do wrong.”

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“Tengda might not be able to reach this level in other cities, but it is the first large-scale experience shop in Jingzhou, especially near the GPL venue. It has the ability to negotiate prices.”

“What’s more, the reason why the other shops are so cooperative is because they know that Tengda’s relocation would bring them good customers. They would lose more than they gain If we end up choosing other places because of their rejection.”

“That’s why these shops are willing to give up their space to us. That way, even if the new place is slightly worse, with the flow of customers we brought and the compensation from the shopping mall, it would be profitable!”

“On top of that, the boss of the shopping mall also decided to invest money to build a bridge across the street. It would lead from the entrance of the Great World to the entrance of Golden Prosperity Square! This bridge would be a transparent air passage with an escalator. No matter what wind or rain, the customers on the other side would be able to come here smoothly!”

Tian Mo was shocked after hearing Liang Qingfan’s explanation.