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“I will welcome the confession of the traitor now, but this will be your last chance. If you are to confess now, I promise to not get caught up on this betrayal, and vow to prevent your classmates from accusing you in the future. As I had said in the beginning, if you believe in and obey me, I will lead this class to Class A. As long as you follow me, I will protect you.”

Ryūen stepped down from the podium and stood in front of the classroom, watching the eyes of his classmates.

His words gave off the feeling that they were addressed to the entire class, and not just the spy in question.

“Do you understand? What it means to offend me?”

He stared into the eyes of his classmates one by one. For Ryūen, this was the easiest way to find the traitor.

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Then, Ryūen finally walked over to a female student and stood before her.

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Of course, this wasn’t by chance. Ryūen had set her as the target from the beginning.

“What’s wrong? Can you not look into my eyes?”

“Ah…… A-A…… I……”

Her breathing was disorderly, and she had a face that was about to burst into tears.

“Kuku. It’s you, Manabe, Class C’s traitor.”

Most students hadn’t imagined it to be her, and were unable to understand this unexpected revelation.

“Don’t be so afraid, Manabe. You didn’t take the initiative to report it to me, but I knew you were the spy from the beginning. Your complexion has been bad from the start. There was no way for you to hide it.”

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Ryūen smoothed out her hair next to her ear and touched her face. Manabe began trembling as if she were exposed to the extreme cold.

“Please. Sorry, I’m sorry, I---”

“Don’t worry, I’ll forgive you. I’ll handle this with magnanimity. So let’s hear it. Tell me the true nature of X who had you betray me.”

Ryūen turned from Shiho Manabe and shot a sharp glance to her friends Nanami Yabu and Saki Yamashita.

(Part 1 End)