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“W-What? Ehm, Why did you ask that?

“Ah, it’s nothing…”

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Hoshinomori-san tilted her head to express her confusion, to which I immediately looked away from her.

I have been suspecting, did Amano-kun confess to me out of some kind of mistake?

“After all, this is too weird. Why is Amano-kun interested in…”

Ehm, let’s take a hundred steps back, forget my reply for a second. I heard what did the owner of the bar on the street say to greet his customers earlier, and that just become stuck in my head; then, there’s also Mizumi-kun’s suggestion. Well, even though I replied stupidly due to numerous reasons, but I meant that when I said it. *Cough* Ugh! My feelings are not important, anyway!

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The problem is with Amano-kun, he confessed to me in front of everyone, something just seems off.

“To be honest, I feel like it made more sense if he simply messed up. Also…”

I took a glance at Hoshinomori-san, she is very nervous and walking stiffly beside me. To be honest, she is cute and quite similar to Amano-kun in this aspect.

“I feel like, she suits Amano-kun far more than I do.”

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I stared at her restlessly, and she squeezed a soft smile towards me despite being nervous and all. I have no idea what she is thinking.

“E-Ehm, it’s okay, Tendou-san! I feel like Amano-kun has already understood how you feel! That’s right!”