How to stabilize your mindset online

How to stabilize your mindset online

Obviously, some of the group understood Tengda’s situation better than the others, and some had been more engrossed in learning and were thus less informed.

“What are we supposed to do as Management Trainees?” Someone asked a very sharp question.

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No one knew the answer to that question. Even Tang Yishu could not explain the answer clearly to them.

That was because Pei Qian had no intention to clarify the matter with her either.

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Everyone was discussing in low voices before hearing Tang Yishu’s voice coming from the outside. “Senior, t-they are all here... in the conference room.”

Everyone hurriedly sat.

Sure enough, the door of the meeting room was quickly pushed open. Pei Qian entered the conference room and sat at the head of the conference table. Tang Yishu in the empty seat on his left with a notebook in hand, prepared to take notes.

Everyone reacted differently seeing Boss Pei’s true face.

Most of them had asked Tang Yishu about Boss Pei previously. They knew that he was a senior who had yet to graduate so they were mentally prepared. However, his youth was beyond everyone’s expectations!

He was absolutely the same age as them!

At the same time, everyone felt a special aura from Boss Pei. He radiated strong self-confidence and a sense of carefree towards everything. It was as if everything was within his control.

In fact, Pei Qian’s aura stemmed from two aspects.