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What Chrétien had done was to close the gap between IOI and GOG from the bottom up.

Changing the game mechanism so that IOI would be more in line with the gaming habits of ordinary gamers to attract more gamers. Change the IOI local server to a low-priced zone so that IOI would not be too much of a price disadvantage compared to GOG. Cooperate with large domestic factories to use the resources of these large factories to promote the game. At the same time, more and more suitable local advertising strategies could be introduced.

It was hard to say whether these changes were right or wrong. After all, the changes to gameplay would please a portion of people and offend another portion at the same time. It could not be perfect.

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Every change was extremely risky. Sometimes, the starting point of some changes was good, but the final outcome was completely unexpected.

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However, no matter what, these changes at least proved that Chrétien and Finger Games had gradually realized the root cause of the failure of IOI’s local server and had begun to salvage it.

Of course, Chrétien had been relatively restrained when he made such corrections and did not do too much at one go.

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The difficulty level of the game had been reduced to a limited extent. It did not directly cancel the deny but reduced it.

The prices of heroes and skins were not reduced to a minimum. Even if the local server was classified as a low-priced region, the price would not be as low as GOG. It took into account the feelings of other players in the region. If the effect was good, they could continue lowering the price.

What’s more, these changes were done to test the players’ reactions. If the feedback was good, they would be used officially.

IOI was a mature game after all. Any changes would be risky. He had to be cautious.

If GOG had not given them too much pressure, Finger Games would not have taken such a risk.

All in all, being able to recognize the difference between IOI and GOG at the bottom of the game and the selling price, and making the decision to modify it should be good news for IOI’s local server. It would be much more effective than burning money previously.

However, Pei Qian was not optimistic.

That was because GOG’s domestic market share had completely crushed IOI. Even if IOI made changes, would it have immediate results?