Zhengzhou Erqi District online part-time earning money

Zhengzhou Erqi District online part-time earning money

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What’s more, he would get to work with a leader like Boss Pei. That would greatly boost his career prospects!

Liang Qingfan almost agreed immediately, but he hesitated and said, “Boss Pei, can I make a tiny request?”

Pei Qian was surprised.

Hey, this brat can withstand the temptation of Tengda Corporation’s benefits and attempt to haggle with me?

Not bad. I like young men like you, who would raise prices for me. It’ll save me the energy of having to think of reasons to increase your pay.

Come on, extort me as much as you can!

Pei Qian nodded. “Of course, you can. Speak your mind!”

Liang Qingfan cleared his throat. “Boss Pei, I noticed that you have set up many physical shops, such as Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Fish-Catching Take-Out, and Deposit Fitness, and that you’re rapidly expanding.

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“Of course, I can’t run from being in charge of Sloth Apartments’ renovations.

“However, I also noticed how ordinary the style of your other shops is. If you plan to renovate those physical shops in the future... can you hand those projects to me as well?

“I’m asking for no other reason than that I think the current style of the shops does not match up to Tengda’s class.”

Pei Qian could not help but feel disappointed.

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That was it?! Aren’t you going to take the opportunity to ask for a raise?