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“I-I want to tell you, Hoshinomori..."

“Y-Yes, what is it, Uehara-san!?"

Hoshinomori looked up at me with sparkling eyes… Oh no, she had grown really intimate with me before I realized it.

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I backed off a little and told her:

“If you want to discuss about gaming, you should know someone who is more suitable than me─"

"… Pui!"

“Is it so repulsive that you had to spit with an abhorrent face that completely spoils your image!?”

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Well, Hoshinomori didn’t really spit, but she conveyed her unwillingness to me very clearly.

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I couldn’t help sighing.

“Hey, you two can definitely get along better, right? Why are you so stubborn about this?”

When Hoshinomori heard my question, she crushed the soya package in her hand and said:

“This isn’t being stubborn, it’s a problem of not backing down and insisting on one’s pride.”

“Yes, that is exactly what being stubborn means.”

“I-I-I don’t care about Keita at all. I don’t feel anything about him, and don’t want to get involved with him. I hope he will transfer schools to an alternate world.”