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The ones left in the end are the student council president, Nagumo, and Tsunoda from the 3rd year. However, Nagumo has the advantage. There's a 50%!c(MISSING)hance this concludes the match.

"Well then, excuse me".

Nagumo said that as he grasped the card on the right without any hesitation.

However, what he ended up grabbing was the Joker.

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"Too bad".

The 3rd year, Tsunoda, picked the card on the right just like Nagumo did earlier when Nagumo extended the two cards in his hand.

"This clinches it".

As a result, the Joker was left in Nagumo's possession and the 2nd years ended up suffering a defeat.

"I've been beaten. Then shall we go for a fourth round?".

Nagumo, without any bitterness, made preparations for a fourth round.

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"The 1st years have won for the first time with this. How about I have you lose again? You're our juniors after all, so I'd like you to take over our duties".

Saying that, Nagumo began dealing out the cards.

"If I recall, Sudou's from Class D, isn't he? Who's from Class D here?".

While the cards are being dealt out, Ishikura asked that and looked over towards the 1st years.

"Ahh, we're Sudou's classmates".

Keisei said so while glancing at me. And then he immediately added this.

"Just one thing, starting from this month we've been promoted to Class C".