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Online Money Project W Shares O East 95305

Both Tasks were centered around academic concepts, with the first being called ‘Math Problems’ and the second ‘English Problems’.

I felt pretty confident that I’d do well in them. That is, as long as I managed to make it there in time to register.

“Then, which will we be pitching camp at today?”

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“Well… The first area tomorrow will be centered around area I7. If we get too close, we might accidentally start out in the next designated area. I’d like to avoid that if possible.”

Just to be sure, it felt like it would probably be safest to stick to area H9.

“Once we’re done with the Tasks, I think we’ll head to H9 to set up camp.”

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After hearing out my explanation, Nanase nodded along in agreement without a single complaint.

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“Oi Ayanokōji! Didja just say you’re gonna set up camp in H9?”

Sudō was just about to set out after wrapping up with the Task when he called out to me.

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“No, it’s just that our next designated area happens to be H9. Where you goin’ after this?”

“For now we’re going to G8 and G9 for the Math and English Tasks.”

“Ugh, yeah, we’re gonna be avoidin’ those for sure.”

Sudō muttered while scratching his head, as if he was saying something obvious.

While it was a little further away, Sudō’s group would most likely be headed to the Task that appeared over in area E9 instead.