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Unexpectedly, Tendou-senpai stopped me this time. I looked back in surprise, then Tendou-senpai blushed embarrassingly for some reason.

“S-Sorry, Konoha-san. Uh, …I wanted to ask you something too since you’re Chiaki-san’s little sister.”

“R-Really. You want to…ask me something?”

I don’t understand what’s happening at all, so I tilted my head.

On the other hand, while Tendou-senpai is happy that she immediately stopped me, but senpai seems to be troubled by something. She fell silent with a hesitant expression.

However, I’m waiting patiently. Instead of saying this is for Tendou-senpai, this is just for onee-chan and even myself.

Also, on the other side of the shelf, Kousei is observing the development with bright eyes, …please just go home, you pervert.

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So, the silence lasted for nearly 10 seconds.

Tendou-senpai finally raised her head with a determined look, …and looked straight into my eyes.

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Then, carrying a slightly nervous expression, she asked me a surprising question.

“From…from your perspective, do you think Chiaki-san and Amano-kun ‘love’ each other!”


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This question is way too unexpected. It made me let out a noise in shock. On the other side, there’s a braindead “Keita Amano x Chiaki Hoshinomori” superfan, which is Kousei Amano. He’s trying to get closer and closer, …seriously, please just get home. A middle schooler (brocon) eavesdropping on two beautiful high school girls over a shelf in the game store, that’s enough to call the cops.

I tried to exile the ghost called Kousei out of my brain as I asked Tendou-senpai once again.

“Uh, …why are y-you asking that?”

“Ah, sorry. I guess you’re right. It’s hard for you to answer when you were asked by Amano-kun’s girlfriend.”

“Uh, yep, …yeah.”

Hmm? Is this person trying to emphasize that she’s senpai’s girlfriend just then? Or is it just because my mind’s too messed up? Am I the only one that thinks she’s trying to tie me up?

(…Ah, nope, Kousei is also sniffing at Tendou-senpai’s “Amano-kun’s girlfriend” comment. Crap, my mind is just as messed up as that guy? I need to do some soul-searching.)