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Fierce words arrived from our homeroom teacher as we came leisurely chatting.

“From now on I will be calling the roll for class D. Students who have been called, please reply firmly.“

We were instructed to form a line at the same time as our teacher started checking the attendance for the class while simultaneously holding a surfboard in one hand.

Ms. Chabashira wore the same jersey as the students. Rather than summer vacation, the atmosphere was closer to training camp.

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Still, there were no signs of tension in most students.

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“Oh c’mon, give us free time already. The sea is stretching in front of me, you know.”

Ike, who was right behind me, annoyingly muttered. It seemed like most of the students wanted to run off to the sandy beach impatiently.

Shortly after, a tall teacher came forward, getting up to the prepared white platform.

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It was Mr. Mashima, the English homeroom teacher in charge of A class, famous for being a stubborn person. He might seem beefy at first glance due to his pro-wrestling-like physique, but he was quite smart and taught special subjects sometimes before.

“First of all, I’m happy that you arrived safely to this place today. However, it’s unfortunate that one student couldn’t take part due to sickness.“

“Ah, there’s one sick guy who couldn’t join this trip, poor thing.“

Ike said in a low voice so that the teachers couldn’t hear.

But I totally agreed with him.

If it were a half-baked trip then that would be okay, but it’s a different thing with this much luxury. I wonder if he’ll regret it after hearing about the trip from his friends later. I think he should have participated despite the fact that he was in a somewhat poor physical condition, even if he pushed himself to the impossible.

Nevertheless, the facial expressions of the teachers were rather severe for a trip.

Could it be that while for us students this is a vacation, will supervisors only treat it as a job?

No – it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be just that.