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Hashimoto, who didn’t know much about the details of their exam, applauded happily.

“No wonder he’s that angry. What a beautiful attack, Ryuuen!”

“I’ll say this now, this kind of vile behaviour will not work against Class B in the future.”

“Hahaha. Do you think Ichinose can defend against my attacks? Or do you intend to cry and complain to the school?”

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“No, she shouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”

Kanzaki immediately denied it. Because this was not something that a kind-hearted person like Ichinose could do.

“Then who can prevent it?”

“I will.”

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Facing off against Kanzaki without hesitation, two conflicting thoughts emerged in Ryuuen’s mind.

Was he just bluffing, or──

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“But as Ichinose’s follower, what can you do by yourself?”

Ryuuen tried to feel out what Kanzaki meant by saying those words.

“Throughout the year, I stood by Ichinose to support her as her assistant. But that’s because at the moment I came to this school, I decided that her leadership skills were superior to those from the other classes. That’s it. My trust in her hasn’t wavered yet, but she lacks the ability to deal with these emergency situations. She also has a huge weakness in being unable to abandon the weak.”