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Cui Geng had thought about saying one computer was not enough and then asking Zhu Xingan to prepare another one.

However, on further thought, if he were in Zhu Xingan’s position; he would not believe his own words either.

That was because the writers would be able to find eighty to ninety percent of the material using their own computers.

Even in the writing software’s lockdown state, they were allowed to conduct searches on Qiandu or other websites; they only could not watch videos, download software, or access certain websites and forums such as Infinite Chinese Network, Zhongdian Chinese Network, Tieba, and Weibo.

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Thus, it was impossible to waste the entire day away reading novels and forums while in the lockdown state.

Writers could gather eighty to ninety percent of the information they needed using the search engines.

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Under exceptional circumstances, if they needed to gather material from movies, they could use the computer next to Zhu Xingan. There, they could download the movie and skip to the scene that they needed to watch. That would not take much time at all.

What’s more, the computer was a shared resource. Ordinary people would feel too embarrassed to hog it for too long. Thus, everyone would be as efficient as possible.

That meant there was no problem with having only one computer; it would not hinder their writing progress.

However, to Cui Geng, whose initial intention had been to slack; this was extremely painful!

He quietly sat down, recalling the agreement that he had signed earlier. It was no wonder that the agreement had only stipulated the working hours and not a word count!

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Ma Yiqun’s hidden intention was clear: it’s alright if one had writer’s block and failed to write anything for one day; they wouldn’t care as long as staring at the writing software for one entire day didn’t drive someone crazy.

Cui Geng was speechless. He had been scammed! This was a trap!

Cui Geng instinctively wanted to leave. The worst that could happen if he tore up the contract was the retraction of his benefits; he would not have to compensate the website.

He could not imagine being locked up for one entire month.

However, on further thought, he realized that it would be inappropriate. He had traveled all the way to Jingzhou. How could he turn around and run back for this simple reason?

If his friends, other authors, and his readers caught wind of this; how would everyone view

The other writers in the class were writing earnestly, and yet I ran away on the very first day…?

That sounds awful!