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“In other words…”

“I’m trying to figure out a way to get rid of that burden in my own way.”

So she means she approached me having come up with a solution?

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“I’ve been thinking a lot. If this precarious situation continues as it is, the number of people who know more than they should will only increase. Therefore…let’s start with this; Horikita-san, could you drop out of school?”

Naturally, the most rational method to lighten her emotional burden was for me to drop out of school. Of course, I couldn’t agree to that. Most importantly, it wasn’t like that would solve everything.

“I don’t see how that connects to our conversation. What about Ayanokouji-kun’s existence? What about Yagami-kun? Even if I drop out, there will still be people that know about you.”

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I didn’t think that alone would take away the emotional burden.

“I’m well aware that Ayanokouji-kun is an unpredictable opponent. But did you know? Ayanokouji-kun is supporting me with private points.”

“Supporting you…?”

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It was a story I’d heard from Ayanokouji-kun from before. I’ll pretend I didn’t know what was going on here and ask her back.

“I think he called it a defence plan against expulsion. In other words, it’s proof that he knows that I’m an enemy, and at the same time, that he’s afraid of me. If I show him that I can eliminate you, Horikita-san, Ayanokouji-kun will have no choice but to keep quiet, right? And if he does do anything wrong, he’ll get expelled himself.”

She flashed an eerie smile and brought her face closer to mine.

“In any case, even if I can’t expel anyone except you right away, Horikita-san, I can still obtain a certain amount of peace. In the meantime, I’ll just have to think up another way to get rid of Ayanokouji-kun, and then it’s all over. And as for Yagami-kun, I think he’ll be okay even if I don’t do anything. He’s a serious guy who just likes me.”

Her big eyes seemed to have colour, but actually didn’t. It was possible to read a person’s emotions from their eyes, but Kushida-san was definitely an exception. She’d never wavered in her determination to expel me.

“The reason why I absolutely want you to be the first to disappear is because you went to the same middle school as me, Horikita-san. If they looked into it, other people might be able to uncover that fact. But because I first met Ayanokouji-kun in high school, even if he were to expose me, I could always just say he was lying.”

Certainly, what Kushida-san said was correct. If you were ask who would be more troublesome out of Ayanokouji-kun and I should we try to reveal her past, it would definitely be me, who went to the same middle school as her. And that too by an overwhelming margin.

“Do you think it’s difficult to expel someone when you want to get rid of them? You do, don’t you? After all, for the past year and a half, I haven’t been able to do anything to you, Horikita-san. That’s the truth, right? Therefore, I won’t be able to have you expelled in the future… But is that really the case?”