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After the three cameramen finished filming the day’s material, they prepared to return to their rooms to edit the video and post it on Weibo.

Wu Yue quickly stopped the three cameramen, Manager Lu, and the others.

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“Everyone, don’t be in a hurry to leave. I have something to tell you.”

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“Boss Pei gave us a task just now. He wanted us to work harder on Weibo. What’s more, we have to work on Weibo and Twitter at the same time...”

Wu Yue explained Boss Pei’s requirements in detail.

All in all, how could they generate high popularity and high traffic? Treat both domestic and foreign teams equally and attack them!

After hearing Boss Pei’s request, everyone’s expressions were similar to Wu Yue’s. They were all at a loss.

“How is this a performance job? This is obviously attracting hatred! The local players back at home are filled with resentment now. We were just worried that there was no breakthrough. The other two clubs are pretending to be dead. If we jump out now, wouldn’t we be standing out to take the blunt of the hit?”

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“I think it’s alright. We’re not the ones who lost the competition.”

“The problem is that we didn’t win either... If we do it now, passers-by will think that we are arrogant and kicking others when they are down. The fans of the other two clubs will also hate us. We will definitely be crushed by them!”

“Perhaps what Boss Pei is trying to say is that we should try something funny? We should not mock other teams.”

“That’s impossible. What Boss Pei wants is popularity and traffic. If we don’t form teams against the other teams, how can we have popularity and traffic? Boss Pei is basically telling us to attack without any worries.”

“We will definitely be criticized. The team members will be under a lot of pressure.”

“It’s alright. The team members can’t play with their phones or surf the net. They won’t know.”

“But what’s the point of doing this? The risks and rewards we take are not proportional.”

If it was someone else’s suggestion, everyone would have rejected it without even thinking. Was he afraid that he would not die quick enough before the battle?

There was no need!