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"What are you up to?".

"That's simple, I'd like the reward that comes with getting 1st place in exchange. A lot of it".

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It's not like there isn't any opposition towards it but everyone does understand that the act of taking Ryuuen in comes with a high degree of risk.

It's just, I didn't expect Akito to act with the intent of securing the reward. It looked to me as though he had come up with a reason to take Ryuuen in since no other student wanted to do so.

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"What are you proposing exactly? You sure you aren't planning on dragging someone else down with you when the time comes for you to take responsibility?".

"Unless you blatantly sabotage us, I won't do such a thing. In the first place, the rules won't let me do that, right?".

The members of the provisional groups fell silent upon hearing Akito's well-reasoned argument. And just like that, though there were various complications, the 1st year boys were able to form six groups.

And with that, my group was also determined.

From Class C there's "Kouenji", "Keisei" and "me". The three of us.

From Class B there's "Sumida", "Moriyama" and "Tokitou". The three of them.

From Class A there's "Yahiko" and "Hashimoto". The two of them.

And then from Class D there's "Ishizaki" and "Albert". The two of them.

10 people in total.

It's clearly unlike the four groups composed mainly of students from one's own class. Still, I suppose that other group Akito's in charge of is the same.

However, there's still a problem with this group I've ended up joining. That is the fact that we still have yet to choose our leader.

I don't think we have any leader type students to actively seek out the title of leader in our group.

Since there isn't anyone here to take the initiative and guide us to a consensus, our group was overcome by an atmosphere of being unable to say anything.

Either way, we first have to report to the school that we've formed our group. We can afford to appoint our leader afterward. As the sixth group, the 10 of us headed over to make our report.